Campus Sports Knockouts Info 2019/20

All – details of handicaps + draw are detailed below.  Please note that due to the low number of team entries, there’s only 1 game due to be on 29 Jan – both club contacts have been informed. 

A few items for awareness:

Team handicaps/player changes: handicaps have been based on team details so far submitted, so any change please let the organiser know immediately in order that the handicapping committee have sufficient time to determine if a handicap needs to be altered.  If a player is to be replaced, please also give an honest opinion as to whether the replacement player strengthens or weakens the team.  Contact Peter via e-mail ( or text me on mobile 07903 074583.
Court costs: these will be shared equally by each team, so £17.50 each team, payable on the match night.
Shuttles: the first named (home) team in a match are responsible for supplying the shuttles to be used for a match.  The total cost of shuttles used are to be split equally between the teams (so keep a count of shuttles used).  It’s left to participating teams to determine and agree if the ‘away’ team should pay half the cost of the shuttles used in cash, or simply provide the home team with replacement new shuttles (equivalent to half those used).
Scoring/handicap: in accordance with the Campus tournament rules, and the fact this is a handicapped event, there is no ‘setting’ in any game.  The first couple to reach 21 in any game, will win that game.
Where both teams have a positive handicap (e.g. one team has +3 and the other has +6), the match handicap will be adjusted so that the team with the lesser handicap moves to Scr (0), with the opposing team handicap being commensurately adjusted (so the team with +3 would move to Scr (0) and the team with +6 would move to +3).
In the event of a match result finishing at 9-9 in games, the match result will be determined by the team with the highest total points scored (as recorded in the score sheet).  It’s therefore important that game results are accurately recorded in the score sheet.  Remember, even when an individual game may be going against a couple, the losing couple winning a couple of extra points in a game could make all the difference in the event of a tied match (where the match result is to be determined by overall points won).  In the unlikely event of a match being tied on games and points, the match will be determined by a single ‘tie-breaker’ game, where each team nominates two players to play against each other (the match handicap will apply equally to this game).
Campus tournament fee: the tournament entry cost is £5 per team, payable on the match night (for those teams who have not already paid).